Healing the Children of the Gulf

All over the world children are grieving the destruction of our beautiful mother planet.  From the war zones of the Middle East to the famine wracked deserts of Africa to the cities of the United States there are children looking to adults for answers.  All too often, the adults have nothing to give as they are struggling with the same issues themselves.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) provides a tool for parents and for children.  This easily learned procedure is not magic.  It will not make all pain disappear in a blink.  It can, however, heal suffering.  It can turn despair into courage.  Humans who have learned to tune into their best selves have, throughout history, discovered amazing ways to help each other.  Some have achieved near sainthood in such unlikely settings as battle fields and concentration camps.

Our children are capable of such greatness.  All they need is the tool that enables them to balance their energy fields and see beyond what terrified people see as hopeless.  There is a choice.  When one world ends, another better one can be born.  It happened in the era of the Renaissance.  It can happen now.

Magical Godmother offers basic EFT trainings by teleconference and six week Skype group trainings.  She provides personal coaching to children and adults in person, by Skype or by telephone.  

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